Cargo Screening System

The most efficient method for cargo screening

 sniffer dogs

Services Explosives, Narcotics, Contraband

High detection capabilities of any prohibited substance

sniffer dogs

Military dogs and Police Canines

Work dogs have been deployed by police forces and military organizations for over a hundred years.

Every country has used dogs in various applications in order to achieve a response to a particular
threat that it faced. This approach has led to the widespread use of dogs in a variety of tasks,
from detecting explosives through to replacing soldiers/police officers in guard duties and
other delicate situations.

The presence at DiagNose of specialists who had previously served in the government sector
has contributed to an intense sharing of knowledge and the creation of a solutions warehouse to address
the particular needs of each client.

Among the solutions we offer for government organizations:

  • Setup of their own units for a particular application
  • Development of solutions for specific needs
  • Consulting on the feasibility of canine-based projects
  • Accompanying and escorting existing or newly created units, placing our experience at their service

police bomb dog

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sniffer dogs

DiagNose K9 Company

Watch the various detection services DiagNose has to offer

sniffer dogs

Bomb Detection Dogs

Highly trained explosive detection dogs in action

sniffer dogs

Roadside bomb detection dogs

DiagNose's unique application - controlling the dogs from remote