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IED Detection with Dogs -
Remote handling of Sniffer Dogs

Roadside bombs or IEDs are a problem well known to military forces
combating guerrilla warfare throughout the world
There have been innumerable cases of patrols attacked by roadside IEDs,
sustaining many casualties.

Dogs that can be sent for remote detection over 200 meters from their handlers are a viable option to help overcome this challenge.
The dogs are trained to obey commands from a distance, directing them to the area that is to be searched,
and they will signal the presence of a roadside IED, if found in the area, back to their handler.
DiagNose trainers are masters in this type of unique remote command and have trained,
used, and detected IEDs through the deployment of such dogs.

DiagNose sets up roadside IED detection units utilizing military working dogs.
Our company provides:

  • Specially trained explosives detection canines
  • Training of handlers - Full handler-dog teams program
  • Provision of equipment
  • Provision of procedures
  • Ongoing support

High Assurance Search Dogs (HASD) for IED detection

IEDs are the number one cause of death among NATO troops in Afghanistan, and the number
of IEDs used has increased by 400% since 2007. The main effort
of the NATO forces in Afghanistan is to counter the IED threat to protect military and civilian personnel from injury and death.
High Assurance Search Dogs (HASD) have proved to be a winning capability in combat scenarios because of their ability to detect IEDs.
Due to this fact there is currently a large demand on such dogs from all NATO partners in Afghanistan.

 DiagNose is a reliable source of explosive detection dogs suitable for further
training as High Assurance Search Dogs (HASD)  or roadside IED detection dogs. We train dogs and handlers to meet the operational requirements of the army and to save precious human lives. DiagNose expert trainers are all army veterans and have a real battle field experience in operating high assurance search dogs.

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Roadside bomb detection dogs

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