Cargo Screening System

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Services Explosives, Narcotics, Contraband

High detection capabilities of any prohibited substance

sniffer dogs

Our Projects

Here are some of our projects

RASCargO operation - Charles De Gaulle airport - Paris
Probably the largest air cargo screening operation worldwide.
Built in 2005, the RASCargO unit at CDG airport is a 24/7 364-days-a-year air cargo screening operation, inspecting more than 500,000 tons of air freight per year. It takes only 11 dogs and 6 handlers to operate this unit year-round.

ClassiC Dogs at FedEx Paris
Explosive detection services operated by teams of dog and handler. FedEx uses our explosive detection services in order to clear loose cargo and shipments which cannot be stalled.
The service is operated by our unit of  "conventional" explosive detection dogs located at CDG airport.

Vehicle Screening - Israeli Border Crossing
In 2009 the Israeli government decided to increase the number of permits for border crossing, especially enablng Israeli citizens to cross the border to the Palestinian Authority and back more easily. This decision has led to a much larger volume of cars crossing the border each day. The solution achieved through the use of conventional dogs was not effective enough, mainly in terms of throughput – the number of vehicles that can be checked in a given time. The Israeli MOD, together with the Sapper Dept. of the Israel Police, decided to adopt a new screening method and have tested the RASCargO™ system.
The RASCargO™ technique was specially developed to serve the mass-screening cargo market, which requires a solution for the screening of high volumes of dense cargo, with no limitation as to cargo size. This is a solution that combines high detection rate with cost effectiveness.

RASCargO Unit in South Africa

DiagNose’s RASCargO™ cargo screening system is now operational at the O.R. Tambo airport, Johannesburg, South Africa. The South African operations of the RASCargO™ system are performed by ACTS, DiagNose’s sister company. The unit serves air cargo customers and makes it unnecessary for them to purchase expensive screening equipment.
ACTS is also operating ClassiC explosive detection dog teams as a complementary service to that of RASCargO.


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