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 sniffer dogs

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sniffer dogs

Explosive Detection - Sniffer Dogs


Explosive detection dogs also known as sniffer dogs or "free running dogs" are one of the most effective ways to detect explosives.
EDDs (Explosive Detection Dogs) can screen cargo, vehicles, public areas, check points, unattended objects and even people.
 With our unique training and quality assurance, the DiagNose ClassiC product will provide you with an optimal solution for merchandise and vehicle screening offering high mobility, flexibility, security and cost efficiency.

  • Exceptional solution for a swift screening process
  • Effective response to dense and large items, and items that cannot go through X-ray machines
  • High-throughput solutions
  • Excellent ratio of detection to false alarms (positives and negatives)
  • Attractive financial advantages due to applicable business models offered by DiagNose
  • Ideal for checkpoint operations
  • Used at sensitive border crossing stations
  • Can be teamed with the RASCargO ™ concept

Why DiagNose’s dogs are distinctive

DiagNose dogs are distinctive as a result of of the following facts:

  • DiagNose is a private international K9 company with four main coaching facilities, located in France, the Netherlands and the UK .

  • DiagNose combines the most effective practices from all four facilities into a collection of high standards.

  • DiagNose bomb dogs training relies on combat and work experience of trainers from four countries and from various milieus, such as army, police and customs.

  • DiagNose employs a senior manager in charge of quality control and standards.

  • DiagNose EDD teams meet the European standards as defined in EU regulation 185/2010 & 573/2010

DiagNose offers explosive detection dogs (bomb dogs) worldwide

DiagNose offers top-quality explosive detection dogs, available in stock or prepared

to meet specific customer needs. Our training methods are primarily based on experience from all of our training centers.

Our dogs are being trained on real explosives

We train on standard explosives as well as non-standard according to local needs

Each dog is being certified by local police canine unit or the army authorities

Dog breeds and ages are provided according to client requirements and are in prime medical shape

DiagNose provides explosive detection dogs applications according to specific customer's needs:

  • Trained dogs solely - usually for K9 units trying to enlarge their dog inventory with highly trained canines

  • Trained dogs + training of handlers- for patrons who wish to build a new K9 unit.

  • Building of K9 unit from scratch

  • K9 services - DiagNose provides services based mostly on its own EDD teams (dogs and handlers), mainly for cargo screening and explosives detection in ports, border crossing points, security at public events, etc.


sniffer dogs

DiagNose K9 Company

Watch the various detection services DiagNose has to offer

sniffer dogs

Bomb Detection Dogs

Highly trained explosive detection dogs in action

sniffer dogs

Roadside bomb detection dogs

DiagNose's unique application - controlling the dogs from remote


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