Cargo Screening System

The most efficient method for cargo screening

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Services Explosives, Narcotics, Contraband

High detection capabilities of any prohibited substance

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RASCargO -
Powerful Anti-smuggling Solution

RASCargO™, an innovative cargo screening system,
is the perfect solution for   detecting contraband goods
such as narcotics, drugs, food, banknotes and more.

anti smuggling system

The main advantages of RASCargO include:

  • High detection rate

  • Highest throughput in cargo screening - up to 40 containers per hour

  • Enhanced screening capabilities. There are no physical restrictions
    on size of item or volume of container associated with the
    RASCargO™ technique.  RASCargO™ can screen
    all cargo types including small items, large items such as containers and
    trucks, and outsized and oddly shaped articles that are
    typically difficult to screen using X-ray
    (dense, cluttered, outsized and high water content cargoes).

  • Non-intrusive. No need to open the pallet/container/truck.

  • Utilizes containers' idle time - no need to move containers

  • Efficiency. There is no need to break down cargo.

  • Mobility: samples can be taken from the skid/pallet without the need to move it.

  • Low energy consumption

  • Turnkey, economical, simple implementation with minimal process modifications
  • Can detect - contraband cigarettes, tobacco, drugs and other prohibited substances
  • Embedded web-based process monitoring

anti smuggling narcotics

See the RASCargO process - Here

The RASCargO™ system is specially designed to meet the needs of the following entities:

  • Custom agencies
  • Anti fraud organizations
  • Tobacco manufacturers and distributes
  • Health and anti-smoking organization
  • Border police units

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for anti-smuggling purposes
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