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K9 Training Services - Professional Handlers Training

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DiagNose’s K9 training services:

DiagNose has a vast experience in training and certifying K9 personnel for customers, mother company ICTS Europe and for own needs.

DiagNose trains K9 handlers and trainers in its four facilities and has trained dozens of K9 personnel in the last four years.

Our training facilities stand for the highest standards and are certified for this purpose by local government authorities.

We provide standard courses as well as custom courses and programs according to customer needs.

All our training is based on most modern and effective techniques. We spend about 10% of our budget for research and development.

Training services at customer's site are also available.

DiagNose’s K9 services are based on the following principles:

      “Quality first” policy based on international experience – DiagNose trains its dogs according to the best experience gained at each of our training centres and by all of our expert trainers, who constantly share knowledge and experience in order to maintain the company’s quality policies.

         Our dogs are trained on real explosives, both industrial and homemade.

         Our dogs are trained according to local and global EU regulations. Each dog is certified by local authorities, i.e., civil aviation authority, local police, or army as applicable.

         DiagNose maintains a stock of highly trained explosives detection dogs (EDDs) in order to support its customers with best response time and quality.

         DiagNose keeps meticulous records of each dog’s training and maintenance.

         Our dogs are in top physical condition.

Diagnose provides dogs and training services for the aviation industry, Police units, military, customs and various other purposes.

Our dogs are trained by DiagNose’s expert trainers on specific client requirements.

DiagNose offers top-quality K9 services including trained and experienced dog handlers.

police canine training

DiagNose training center in Neuvy, France

DiagNose canine training and handlers' training is based on the following guidelines:

1.    All our trainers have operational experience as well as professional experience.

2.    Our trainer trainees ratio is up to 1:5

3.    In each (scent) ability, we train the dogs on real materials (such as explosives, drugs, etc’.) if in a certain country a certain material in prohibited to use, we can provide/ advice on what scent simulant to use.

4.    Our dogs are trained on positive reinforcement. They work because they are trained to enjoy the work and not because they are afraid not to work.

5.    We train dogs as single purpose dogs (we think that a dog should be as excellent as he can be in one mission then mediocre in doing two missions) if a costumer insist on double purpose dog we can train for that as well.

6.    We have a standard training procedure for each working discipline. This standard is flexible to client’s demand. Our highly experienced trainers analyze with the costumer he’s professional and operational demands and according to that our CTO and projects manager built a specific training curriculum.

7.    For each working discipline in each deployment area we build a specific re-current training.   

Example: explosive detection dogs handlers course:

Target trainees: un-trained handlers with trained dogs

 Length of the course is 2 months (7 weeks + 1 operational week exams and certification)

      The course may be extended for another 1-2 weeks due to operational standards

       At the end of the course (following course rational) – the team (dog + handler) will be certified as an explosive detection team – after passing a certifying test.
Course prepares the trainees for an official certification test based on local authorities requirements.

Course rational:

1.    Basic theoretical lessons and bonding with the dogs

2.    Basic handling – work on a carousel, wall, building bricks, bags

3.    Private vehicles buses and truck search.

4.    Bags, boxes, merchandise and other goods

5.    Building search (indoor & outdoor)

6.    Combination of all training-operational areas and operational action and re-action

7.    Team operational theoretical test and operational certification.

For full handlers course curriculum and for  further information about our K9 training programs - please Contact Us directly


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Highly trained explosive detection dogs in action

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Roadside bomb detection dogs

DiagNose's unique application - controlling the dogs from remote


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