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sniffer dogs

DiagNose Company Profile

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DiagNose, a center of competence in K9 services, is an international trainer and provider of explosives and narcotics detection dogs.
DiagNose is headquartered in France and has two additional training facilities as well, located in the UK, and the Netherlands

DiagNose’s uniqueness in providing K9 services:

  •   DiagNose is an international K9 services provider.

  •   DiagNose operates three training centers

  •  DiagNose’s main training center, which is certified by the French government, is a 40-hectare farm in Neuvy, France. This center has capacity for 35 dogs and is built to train and accommodate up to 12 persons seeking to qualify for the position of dog handler.

  • DiagNose holds permits to store and handle real explosives at each of its three training centers.

  • DiagNose serves more than 400 customers, approximately two-thirds of which are from the cargo industry.

police canine training center - diagnose
DiagNose main training center - St. Gregoire France

DiagNose’s K9 services are based on the following principles:

         “Quality first” policy based on international experience – DiagNose trains its dogs according to the best experience gained at each of our training centers and by all of our expert trainers, who constantly share knowledge and experience in order to maintain the company’s quality policies.

         Our dogs are trained on real explosives, both standard and non-standard.

         Our dogs are trained according to local and global EU regulations. Each dog is certified by local authorities, i.e., civil aviation authority, local police, or army as applicable.

         DiagNose maintains a stock of highly trained explosives detection dogs (EDDs) in order to support its customers with best response time and quality.

         DiagNose keeps meticulous records of each dog’s training and maintenance.

         Our dogs are in top physical condition.

Diagnose provides EDDs and services for the aviation industry as well as for the military, customs and various other purposes. Our dogs are trained by DiagNose’s expert trainers on specific client requirements.
DiagNose offers top-quality explosives detection dog services including trained and experienced dog handlers.

Typical Working Scenarios for Diagnose Dogs are:

         Vehicles (inside and outside)

         Cargo warehouses

         Cargo containers and pallets


         Baggage make-up areas

         Cargo pallets





sniffer dogs

DiagNose K9 Company

Watch the various detection services DiagNose has to offer

sniffer dogs

Bomb Detection Dogs

Highly trained explosive detection dogs in action

sniffer dogs

Roadside bomb detection dogs

DiagNose's unique application - controlling the dogs from remote