Cargo Screening System

The most efficient method for cargo screening

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Services Explosives, Narcotics, Contraband

High detection capabilities of any prohibited substance

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RASCargO -
Remote Explosive Scent Tracing EDD

 RASCargO™ is a cost-effective 100% cargo screening solution

Regulated in Europe as Remote Explosive Scent Tracing (a.k.a REST)


The RASCargO™ technique was specially developed to serve the mass-screening cargo market that requires a solution
for screening high volumes of dense cargo, with actually, no cargo size limitation,
a solution that combines high detection rate with cost effectiveness.

 The main idea is to collect air samples from closed cargo volumes – trucks, containers, ULDs and wrapped pallets – onto a special filter. The filter is then presented to two highly trained explosives detection dogs.

The air sampling itself takes place at the cargo site, and the dogs perform their work inside a RASCargO™ analysis center building (the “analysis room”)

 The RASCargO effectiveness can be described by three major criteria:

1.   Detection effectiveness

a.    The RASCargO™ utilizes canine olfaction capabilities, resolves high detection rate.

b.    Air sampling concentrate ALL cargo smell onto a small filter, small surface area.

c.    No imaging, no human misinterpretation.

    1. Low false alarm rate (1-2%) for resolved alarms.

2.   Operational effectiveness

    1. High throughput.  Basic unit operating 8 hours/day can screen 300 containers/trucks a day.
      A full scale unit operating 24 hours a day can reach an estimated annual throughput of 750,000 metric tons using only 10 dogs.
    2. Enhanced screening capabilities. There are no physical restrictions on size of item or volume of container associated with the RASCargO™ technique.  RASCargO™ can screen all cargo types including small items, large items such as containers and trucks, and outsized and oddly shaped articles that are typically difficult to screen using X-ray (dense, cluttered, outsized and high water content cargoes).
    3. Non-intrusive. No need to open the pallet/container/truck.
    4. Cargo Operations -   There is no need to break down cargo.
    5. Mobility: samples can be taken from the skid/pallet without the need to move it.
    6. Low energy consumption

3.   Commercial effectiveness

a.    Cheaper than all other screening methods.

b.    No labor intense.

c.    Flexible and adoptable business model creates a win-win situation to all cargo market players.


DiagNose is expanding its RASCargO services worldwide.
To find out how your cargo operations can benefit from RASCargO services -
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