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Professional K9 Blog by DiagNose

A world leader in detection dogs services provision and home of the RASCargO Screening system

RASCargO™ Services at Israeli Border Crossings Points

After extensive testing and performance verification in an extreme high-risk environment,
the Israeli authorities recentlyREST EDD Israel implemented DiagNose’s RASCargO™ screening systems at various border crossing points in Israel

As a result, DiagNose is now providing mass vehicle screening services at various sites..

The system, which was specially adapted to meet the needs of the border crossing points, is operating under strict monitoring of throughput as well as detection capabilities.

The system has been redesigned in such a way that it can clear 6 vehicles for one lane in matter of minutes. This includes the vehicle air sampling and the analysis conducted by the dogs in an on-site lab.

The new screening system provides an upgraded service to the users, who have appraised the system and commended the added value that it provides, in comparison to the solutions that were previously deployed.

REST system border vehicle check israel

RASCargO Sampling Lane at Border Crossings - Israel

The Israeli Border Crossing Authority

The Border Crossing Authority was established by the Israeli Ministry of Defense (MOD) in 2005. The establishment and operation of the 33 land crossings from the Palestinian territories to Israel and vice versa, has enabled quick and easy movement of pedestrians, vehicles and goods.  These crossing points are for the benefit of residents and preservation of their way of life, and should replace the temporary crossings staffed and held by the IDF until 2005. The MOD is responsible for planning and constructing the crossing points and handling the necessary technologies, procurement, operations and passageways. Since a large number of residents of the Palestinian Authority territories work and conduct business in Israel, and many Israeli citizens conduct business in the territories, the planning of the fence system includes a number of crossings allowing for two-way pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
These crossings facilitate inspection of people and goods across the fence, as is done at many international borders. Such inspections are necessary to maintain security. However, the crossing points in their new configuration employ advanced technological systems that will minimize possible friction between parties.

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