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Professional K9 Blog by DiagNose

A world leader in detection dogs services provision and home of the RASCargO Screening system

Passengers Security Check Solution – DogOnLine

The missing link in the chain of airport security screening has been found. “Dog-On-Line”.

DiagNose is pleased to present “Dog-On-Line”, an effective solution for passenger security check based on the deployment of explosives detection biosensors (sniffer dogs) at the security checkpoint

Dog-On-Line Illustration: passengers security check by dogs

Dog-On-Line Illustration: passengers security check by dogs

The event of flight NW253 point out the technology gap in passenger security inspection and underscore the immediate need for an effective and reliable complementary measures on one hand, and maintaining passenger convenience on the other hand.

DiagNose, ICTS Europe’s explosives detection subsidiary, an international company specializing in the provision of integrated solutions, is in position to fill in this technology gap with a new product based on the abilities of explosive detection dogs.

Using dogs to detect explosives in carry-on baggage and on the passengers themselves can achieve the same degree of effectiveness and is a good solution for airport security screening.

The main idea of the “Dog-On-Line” is to check the passengers while they wait on line at the existing checkpoints.

Two plastic barriers with holes are placed near the checkpoint in such a way that while the passengers go through this “path,” an explosive detection dog is sniffing the outer side of the plastic barrier, through the holes, and passively indicates existing explosives.

The “Dog-On-Line” solution is based on the following principles:

  • Effectiveness – Dogs are trained to detect commercial explosives such as PETN and well as HME (homemade explosives) non-standard materials and can memorize new target odors very rapidly once a new threat is introduced.
  • Reliability – All of the dogs we provide are thoroughly trained and certified and are provided with the documented record of their training and certifications.
  • No direct contact with passengers – At no time does the dog touch the passengers, such that the passengers have nothing to fear from the dog and are not disturbed by the dog in any way.
  • Fluid queue management – The solution does not stall the flow of passengers
  • The dog handler is trained to detect suspicious signs in appearance and behavior, offering the potential for optimization of the manpower required at the checkpoint.
  • The system is visible to passengers, bolstering their confidence in aviation security, and serves as a deterrent factor vis-à-vis persons with hostile intentions.
  • The solution is mobile and can be easily moved between checkpoints or boarding gates

“Dog-On-Line” is available for commercial pilot projects based on existing EU draft regulations. Pilot trials will be coordinated with the EU.

DiagNose is ready for rapid implementation of a pilot project based on trained dogs which we have in stock.

Dog-On-Line, Mind the Technology gap.

For more details please contact us by email -
general  {at}

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2 Responses so far.

  1. indeed the event of flight NW253 has created both confusion and a call for action in regards to passengers screening.
    Every time airport security is tightened due to some incident or crisis, you see K9 units in action.
    Yet, dogs are not widely used on routinely in the “day-to-day” provision of security services.

    I think it is good timing to try and generate increased awareness to the fact that dogs can be an excellent solution for passenger security screening.
    I hope your will succeed in doing so.

  2. [...] Passenger screening – EDDs are permitted as a method operated together with the normal hand search. This permission is perfectly suited to the model offered by DiagNose, called “DogOnLine” [...]