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Professional K9 Blog by DiagNose

A world leader in detection dogs services provision and home of the RASCargO Screening system

Explosive Detection Dogs – DiagNose’s Expertize

What is an explosive detection dog or “EDD”?

specially trained dogs can be used to detect explosives using their noses, which are highly sensitive to odors. This method has been used since the early 70’s and has been given the famous name of “K9” (short for “canine”).

vehicle screening by an explosive detection dog

vehicle screening by an explosive detection dog

explosive detection dogs for sale – please contact us

These dogs are taught by expert trainers to identify the scents of several common explosive materials and notify their handler upon detection of one of them. The dogs indicate a ‘hit’ by performing an act they were trained to do, generally consisting of a passive response such as sitting or lying down.

Explosive detection dogs can memorize up to 12-15 different scents. They are trained on the scents which are required by regulators and which change from time to time. Once a canine has been trained, adding a new target scent is a matter of approximately 10 days.

Detection dogs, also called “sniffer dogs,” can detect any substance that produces a scent. These include: narcotics, tobacco, banknotes, weapons and even cell phones.

Explosive detection dogs (EDDs) are frequently used for cargo security screening at airports and in cargo warehouses and for other anti-terror tasks such as:

  • Baggage screening
  • Vehicle search (on or off leash)
  • Clearing of public places
  • Aircraft search
  • etc.

EDDs work in teams consisting of the dog and its handler. Sometimes an EDD team will be based on two dogs per handler, depending on required tasks.

Cargo screening by an explosives detection dog

Cargo screening by an explosives detection dog

Why DiagNose’s dogs are unique

DiagNose dogs are unique because of the following facts:

  • DiagNose is a private international K9 company with three main training facilities, located in France, the UK and the Netherlands .
  • DiagNose combines the best practices from all three facilities into a set of high standards.
  • DiagNose EDD training is based on combat and work experience of trainers from four countries and from various milieus, such as army, police and customs.
  • DiagNose employs a senior manager in charge of quality control and standards.

DiagNose offers explosive detection dogs worldwide

DiagNose offers top-quality explosive detection dogs, available in stock.

Our training methods are based on experience from all four of our training centers.

•     Our dogs are being trained on real explosives

•     We train on non-standard as well as standard explosives, including PETN as standard training.

•     Each dog is being certified by local police / army authorities

•     Dogs are in top medical shape

•     We can provide young dogs and/or older, more experienced dogs according to client preference

DiagNose can provide the following EDD applications:

  • Trained dogs only – usually for K9 units looking to enlarge their dog inventory with highly trained canines
  • Trained dogs + training of handlers– for customers who wish to build a new K9 unit.
  • Building of K9 unit from scratch
  • K9 services – DiagNose provides services based on its own EDD teams (dogs and handlers), mainly for cargo screening and explosives detection in ports, border crossing points, security at public events,  etc.

Uzi, 3 years old Malinois - highly trained EDD - for sale

Uzi, 3 years old Malinois - highly trained EDD - for sale

Explosive detection dogs for sale

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