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The most efficient method for cargo screening

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Services Explosives, Narcotics, Contraband

High detection capabilities of any prohibited substance

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Welcome to DiagNose, a world leader in detection dogs services provision and home of the RASCargO

If it's there, we will find it!

DiagNose is a world leader in the provision of explosive detection dog services and K9 solutions: Explosives Detection, Cargo Security, anti-smuggling, sniffer dogs, military and police dogs
The organization was created in order to provide a viable solution for the detection of explosives, narcotics and other target substances.
DiagNose provides services to our clients in the most highly sensitive areas, which do not and cannot compromise on their security level throughout their infrastructure.

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sniffer dogs


DiagNose provides aviation security services for three main tasks - Cargo, hold baggage screening (HBS) and passenger screening.

sniffer dogs for aviation
sniffer dogs aviation security


Maritime security, especially at seaports, is a big market for DiagNose, mainly in cargo screening and vehicle inspection at checkpoints.

sniffer dogs for maritime
sniffer dogs maritime security


DiagNose offers excellent contraband detection services to customs agencies worldwide.
Our motto is "More inspection - More detection."

contraband sniffer dogs
sniffer dogs for customs

Police & Military

Work dogs have been deployed by police forces and armies for over a hundred years. DiagNose provides various professional services for this market.

police canine


police sniffer dogs

DiagNose K9 Company

See the various detection services DiagNose has to offer

explosive detection dogs

Bomb Detection Dogs

Highly trained explosive detection dogs in action

sniffer dogs ied detection

Roadside bomb detection dogs

DiagNose's unique application - controlling the dogs from afar


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